Be the Next Karate Sensation with a Plasma Cutter!

You may find this weird, but just like a Karateka who can break concrete blocks easily, a plasma cutter can also cut through things quickly!

You don’t have to practice Karate to chop boards, glass, or even a piece of metal like a steel bar. If you need to do some cutting, all you have to do is to practice using a plasma cutter!

Below are the advantages of using a plasma cutter.

Ease of Use


Plasma cutters don’t require you to train for a long time just to be able to cut through metal, unlike karatekas that need a sufficient amount of mental and physical training to be able to chop bricks and wood. Plasma cutters are comfortable to use because they’re user-friendly.


Just like a taekwondo or karate black belter, plasma cutters can cut fast. The only difference is that they can do it more quickly. They can actually slice up to 500 inches for every minute.


Karatekas have flexible bodies to enable them to respond fast. Plasma cutters are similar. They can work with a variety of material and thickness. You can be sure that they’ll produce accurate cuts each time. These machines utilize nitrogen which allows the plasma cutters to cut aluminum, steel, and other metals with ease.


Plasma cutters are also economical investments. The cost to operate them is cheap. Their operating costs are even less expensive than water-jet or laser cutting.



Karatekas don’t just fight and chop things; they’re also great at keeping their bodies and minds fit. They have more to offer than their bone-breaking skills. Just like karatekas, plasma cutters aren’t limited to cutting. They can even serve as gauges as they can line up materials faultlessly.


Furthermore, karate skills contribute to a safe environment. I mean, if people in your neighborhood are aware that you know karate well, I doubt there’d be anyone who would dare to challenge you in a fight. There’s a peace of mind in that. Likewise, there’s serenity knowing that plasma cutters don’t use highly flammable gas, which eliminates safety worries and hazards while cutting.

You see, if you know how to use a plasma cutter, you can be considered as someone who knows karate! Sure, it sounds a bit weird, but you’ve seen the similarities. Now it’s time to ask Hobart which plasma cutter you should get for your slicing needs.

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