Karate Pool Training: What Are Its Benefits?

Before you ask, yes, there’s such thing as karate pool training. It’s because of what we call “hydraulic resistance” which is also called as training in water. Karatekas and samurais do this kind of training (they call it sui-jutsu) because of the following advantages.

Running in water can improve cardiovascular health.

running-in-waterAccording to the researchers from Tasmania and England found that water running can improve cardiovascular health when performed three to five days a week for 20 to 60 minutes with 60 to 75 percent maximum heart rate. This study was conducted with 20 untrained young women as respondents. It’s just like running on land, but running in water is a lot more entertaining, doesn’t it?

Running in water feels good.

This is another advantage. Because water disperses body heat around four times quicker than air at the same temperature, you’ll be able to maintain your core body temp within the reasonable range, preventing what we all hate when we run on land—overheating. If you think karate pool training isn’t fun, then just observe the kids in this video, and you’ll come up with an obvious answer.

Training on water is an excellent strength training.

Water supplies about 12x more resistance than air, which means you can strengthen your muscles and bones better when you run in your swimming pool than on land. Because of the resistance, losing fat would also be a piece of cake! Resistance workout is more beneficial than aerobic exercise in terms of fat loss, which clearly means you’ll lose weight faster when you train in water. Research also shows that strength training in water provides a significant improvement in strength. That makes your pool a lot more convenient! Not only will you be able to unwind; it could also be a place for physical exercise! Of course, just keep your pool water clean using an efficient pool cleaner. The Dolphin Premier Robotic is my all-time favorite in-ground poolcleaner. You might want to check it out.

Karate pool training doesn’t stress the joints.

There’s lesser stress on the joints when you train karate in water, which means even after performing different punches, kicks, chokes, and other moves, you can still walk and move your body comfortably.

The only danger about this is if you don’t know how to swim. Of course, if you don’t, then stay on the shallow part until you’re confident about your swimming ability. So, if you want to be better at Karate, do some karate pool training. It’s a combination of entertainment and training, teaching you that you can have fun even while doing something difficult.

Here’s another karate pool training video for you by Sensei James Kouame.