Martial Arts

3 of the Martial Arts from Around the World

Kendo, Japan
Kendo is a Japanese martial art that traces its roots to kenjutsu or swordsmanship. Kendoka or a kendo practitioner wears kendogi and hakama and use a bamboo sword or shinai. More advanced students wear armours called bogu. For most kendokas, studying the art or at the very least practicing with one of the dojos in Japan would is an experience for the bucket list.

Krav Maga
Krav Maga, Israel
Krav Maga translates to contact combat. This martial art is based on military self-defense methods used by the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli security forces. Anyone interested with contact combat or practical self-defense will likely find this an interesting and viable option. And there is probably no better place to learn it but from the masters in the country where it all started.

Chinese martial arts
Kung Fu, China
Kung Fu is not exactly a single martial art but rather an umbrella term that encompasses different Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu is steeped in traditions. A would-be practitioner can choose which one to learn from among its many different types or styles. China is home to many kung fu schools and best places to learn the art.